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Our Disinfecting services are:

  1. Disinfecting Cleaning – This is a highly detailed cleaning using a virucidal cleaning solution. Typically used to eliminate or control a germ infected area. Whether it is a private office or an entire building, and everything in between, this service will disinfect and sanitize your space. Guided by a detailed list of items and areas, we leave nothing untouched and sanitized. Everything in the space gets disinfected and sanitized. From stationary items such as pens, staplers, to keyboards, and areas such as walls and doors, it all gets sanitized. The overall result for our clients and customers is to leave them with the assurance that their workspace is sanitized and safe to resume business as usual.
  1. Touch Point Cleaning – This service focuses strictly on all touch points within any type of workspace. Depending on the client’s needs and workspace, we focus on all the highly used touch points of their common areas. Touch points such as, light switches, door handles, and push plates, are just a few to name in our touch point list used to guide this disinfecting service. This service helps to eliminate the spreading of germs and is a proactive measure used by clients to keep their staff and workspace safe.
  1. Carpet Extraction Sanitization – Typically is an added service to the Disinfecting Cleaning or Touch Point Cleaning. Steam cleaning is already a proven and effective measure to remove pollutants, bacteria, allergens, and more from your carpets. So, when we extract and sanitize your carpets, we incorporate a proper disinfectant to eliminate the germs and pollutant caught deep in the fibers of your carpet flooring. It is an extra touch to help fully clean and sanitize your workspace.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Sympl Clean is offering businesses and clients our very own Complete Sanitization Package.

Complete Sanitization Package – This package includes all 3 disinfecting and sanitizations services into one. Typically requested in an infected workspace or when a client wants to take all necessary measures to keep their business and staff safe. The service is usually performed as a one-time service. The complete sanitization package gives our clients the peace of mind that their workspace is entirely safe and sanitized to resume business.

Disinfection & Sanitization Services Hamilton ON

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