Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Cleaning

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If you need to clean your retail warehouse, medical facility, or office, hiring a commercial cleaning firm can help to disinfect your floors, equipment, and furniture perfectly. However, when it comes to commercial cleaning services, the process followed is different, which can lead to many unanswered questions for clients. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared, Sympl Clean wants to arm you with the most accurate information available. For this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial cleaning.

1. Does commercial cleaning include residential cleaning?
Unfortunately, it does not. Commercial cleaning is a title or term used to offer cleaning services to other businesses for their offices, shops, warehouse, and workspaces.

2. How frequently should we be cleaning our carpets?
It varies upon how busy the workspace gets and how much foot traffic occurs daily, weekly, and monthly. But at a bare minimum, at least twice per year. To maintain clean and healthy carpets, quarterly cleaning (every three months) should do the trick.

3. What does VCT stand for?
VCT stands for Vinyl Composite Tiles and is the typical flooring tiles found in many offices, supermarkets, and workspaces.

4. What’s the difference between buffing floors and strip and waxing floors?
Buffing is the service used to maintain the luster, shine, and reflection of recently refinished flooring. It’s typically carried out using a burnisher or all-purpose swing arm machine and a shining solution.

On the other hand, strip and waxing floors is the process used to remove all wax and sealer from the vinyl composite tiles (VCT). It allows for the removal of tinting and staining, preventing the wearing of the vinyl tiles. A sealer and wax are also applied, which completely restores and rejuvenates the flooring and increases the vinyl tiles’ life.

5. How frequently should we have our floors stripped and waxed?
It depends on how busy the workspace is and how much foot traffic occurs. We recommend once or twice per year, along with a routine schedule for buffing to maintain the floor’s luster and shine.

6. How often should we be buffing or burnishing our floors?
It truly depends on the location of the flooring, the workspace, and the client. The service ranges from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Remember, its purpose is to maintain the shine and cleanliness of the flooring.

7. What is the meaning of VCT Refinishing?
VCT refinishing is just a professional way of saying strip and waxing of floors. We tend to float between both sayings.

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