A Beginner’s Guide To Cleaning A Private Office

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Apart from your house, your private office is a space where you spend most of your time. Maintaining a clean and organized workplace means a healthy and comfortable environment for you and your employees. A clean workplace also helps reduces sick days and increase productivity. Moreover, you’d want to make a good impression on your clients when they visit your office.

At Sympl Clean, we understand how important it is for you to maintain proper office hygiene. We also understand that the process can get overwhelming when you add it to your already endless list of tasks you have to complete. However, if you plan and prepare beforehand, it should be easy to have your office clean and organized. To help you prepare, we have put together a Beginner’s Guide to cleaning a private office. This will give you all the knowledge necessary to clean a single private office. You can then apply it when cleaning a full-size office space.

Getting Started

Hire a professional: A professional will have the experience and skillsets necessary to thoroughly clean an office space or private office. It is much more than just vacuuming and collecting trash. Extensive cleaning services include cleaning the garbage and keeping washrooms clean and hygienic. There are also other types of cleaning services, such as glass pane cleaning, equipment cleaning, pest, and mold cleaning services, that are needed once in a while. You might not have the experience or time required to ensure your office space is properly cleaned and maintained. But, a professional cleaning company will take that headache away from you so that you can focus on your job.

Prepare all the necessary materials: A cleaning caddy is basically a bag or container that you should have handy. Inside the caddy, you should have a spray bottle with window cleaning solution, spray bottle with a multi-surface disinfecting cleaning solution, squeegee for glass cleaning, a rag for cleaning excess window solution, a rag for cleaning surfaces with the disinfectant cleaner, additional small garbage or recycling bags, disposable gloves for extras in case yours rip. You will also need a vacuum if the private office is carpeted or even a dust mop for sweeping up the hard surface flooring. Lastly, a mop and a mop bucket with a neutral floor cleaning solution inside are essential. Having all this prepared in advance reduces the effort you might have to put in during the cleaning process.

Next Steps

Have a proper plan: Ensure not to mix your rags when cleaning. Wipe all flat horizontal surfaces, like a desk hutch, cabinet, shelf, and the top of a computer tower, usually stored under the desk. This also includes window ledges and everything in between, such as the desk, tables, coffee tables, shelves, etc. You should clean by starting from one end of the surface and moving to the other until you fully wipe the entire surface. Watch out for vertical surfaces around doors, light switches, and handles because they usually get dirty. Try to store a couple of extra bags in the trash container to allow for a quick changeover. When vacuuming, make sure to go along baseboard edges, corners, and from wall to wall. The same goes for sweeping and mopping.

Follow product instructions: Avoid the temptation to not follow the proper dilution instructions of the cleaning solutions. Too much solution is not always a good thing as it can ruin surfaces or make them sticky. Similarly, avoid using the improper cleaning solution for your particular flooring. If it is ceramic or porcelain, then a different solution needs to be used as opposed to what you would use on hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.

Advice From The Pros

Take extra care with glass: When cleaning glass, you may want to avoid spraying too much solution on the window glass. Using the squeegee may seem challenging at first but remember to begin in the bottom left corner (if you’re right-handed), move up to the top left corner, across to the top right corner, then downward towards to bottom right corner. Then circle back your motion in an “N” shape or oval pattern, from right to left, to collect and move the cleaning solution down the glass, leaving no streaks behind. The last stroke should be one that goes across from the left bottom corner to the right bottom corner. At which point, you will be using your rag to collect or absorb any solution on the ledge.

Take your time and do not rush: Cleaning is meant to eliminate germs, so keep in mind that you are cleaning to create a safer and healthier workspace. Take your time to ensure that every surface in your office is clean. A clean environment means healthier coworkers and employees. They will also spend more time being productive and less time tending to themselves when sick. If you do not have much freedom with time to carry out your private office cleaning, it would be best for you to hire a professional with experience to focus on cleaning.

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