How Sympl Clean Helped A Client With Post Construction Cleaning

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At Sympl Clean, we offer customized janitorial cleaning programs and specialize in sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization services. For example, we undertake floor waxing, vacuuming of ledges, and pressure washing.

Most of these are straightforward tasks. However, sometimes our team has to work with flexibility, patience, and endurance to overcome obstacles on specific cleaning jobs. For instance, construction cleaning is different from simply adding a shimmer and shine to an office or factory as it’s a heavy-duty and detailed job. In addition to the physical demands, other significant challenges need to be overcome. Read on to learn how we helped a client with post-construction cleaning.

The Challenge: Overcoming the delays in the construction project

A client hired us to perform post-construction cleaning on a large-scale project where we had to clean up behind the trades and make the newly constructed homes look beautiful and ready for the new owners.

The client was under the gun with the project due to city delays and COVID-19. Costs rose sharply after the first wave of the pandemic, and there were hold-ups with the delivery of materials and supplies.

These issues created stress for the client, as they had to juggle all the trades and ended up missing timelines. We soon realized that we had to work around the contractors who would come in at random times to finish tasks or fix deficiencies.

The Solution: Effectively managing staff and time constraints

We had to maintain flexible schedules, which meant working later than expected and on weekends to accommodate last-minute service calls to clean up. For the sake of ensuring that we were not an additional delay for our client, we made sure to complete the cleaning when they needed it.

It included providing a clean final touch to allow the workers to adequately assess if the home had any deficiencies from painting, taping, and drywalling. We had to accept that cleaning tasks would not end until the absolute last clean.

Many cleaners can get frustrated with the idea of cleaning something, only for it to get filthy again. However, we train staff to keep calm, adjust to the needs, and clean around all the tradesmen.

Thankfully we also had staff with post-construction cleaning experience, which was our most significant strength during this project. These outstanding employees made themselves readily available to help the team out.

While we were undertaking this project, we also had our regular jobs going on simultaneously. It meant we needed all hands on deck, and our owners (Jose and Christian), were on-site to lend a helping hand and synchronize all projects.

The Bottom Line

The project lasted approximately ten months, and the client was pleased with the outcome as we always put them first and maintained professionalism despite the obstacles.

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